The blustery wind and frigid temperatures aren’t likely to go away anytime soon.  There is warmth in the fiery tent of the sideshow, however.  Charlie Barker is there with some tales to warm your bones, as well.

Of the tales to be told fireside today, Char throws out one about the SELBYVILLE SWAMP MONSTER.  This is part of the “States of Fear” collection, featuring a local legend from every state in the American nation, starting out that journey in Delaware.  The next story is about three young boys about to discover the horror that awaits them outside in the snow in SNOW JOB.  The final tale this time around is about a couple of men trying to hunt a werewolf in A LONG NIGHT’S WAIT.

Please return again on Thursday.  At that point, the circus will be back in town.  Charlie Barker would love to host you for more frightening fables.

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