To err is human, it is true.  We all make mistakes.  Some take their license to err a bit too far, however.  It becomes a way of life to mess things up.

Charlie Barker is no exception.  After all, he wouldn’t be a walking skeleton if he hadn’t made a few mistakes in life.  Today, he will relate three other tales from the annals of forever.  First, we head to the drive in where it is JALOPY NIGHT.  Maybe the thugs who decided to see a show should have reconsidered their entertainment options.  Secondly, it is the true life tale straight out of Connecticut.  Yes, it is another of our “States of Fear” where we hear about THE SUNKEN PIANO – a haunted instrument that plays from the depths of Gardner Lake.  The third in our chronicle of the klutz is called ORBITAL DECAY.  This is a mortuary service that promises to launch the dead into space and burn them up in the atmosphere as a shooting star.  Nope, nothing can go wrong there.

That’s about all that can go wrong this week, folks.  Join us next Tuesday as we examine more faux pas from the great beyond.  Until then, the flaps are closed.

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