In January of 2018, a twice-weekly podcast hosted by the former sideshow carnival emcee turned sepulcher refugee, Charlie Barker will emerge.  The ghost host with ever an eerie toast makes his way from coast to coast.  Old Char relates three tales from the realms of alternate reality in the form of CreepyGrams.


A CreepyGram is a bizarre, scary, or otherwise morbid short horror story of exactly 365 words (such as these examples).  An offshoot of flash fiction, this is a unique story telling form not found anywhere else.  Sometimes based on urban legend or local folklore and sometimes just plain slices of original horror stories, these tales are as succinct as they are scary.  With a trio served twice weekly, you will barely have time to recover from one tale as Char goes into the next.  You may even hear a familiar legend in a CreepyGram from the subseries known as the “States of Fear”.  These are myths from every state in America.  A legend realized in CreepyGram format for each of the fifty states of the good old U.S. of A.

More details to follow.  Please come back for more updates.  The circus is coming to town.

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