Charlie Barker leads us out of the pull of gravity today.  To the far reaches of space, and then some.  It’s sci-fi only scarier.  It’s the Starship Sideshow!

First, what happens in the future with the prison system?  I don’t know, but perhaps we will be BUSTIN’ OUT.  The tomorrow terrors continue with a story of a doomed space voyage with a formidable furry foe in THE CAT’S AWAY.  Then, it’s off to DISTANT PLUTONIAN SHORES with a witch who had turned in her broomstick for something with a little more intergalactic appeal.

About now is time to get your head out of the stars.  It’s been fun, but we need to head back to earth for a while.  There are plenty of tales down on terra firma awaiting the Sideshow of the Surreal.  Charlie Barker will make a course correction and meet you there next time.


Did you hear that cackle?  Did you see that silhouette fly by the full moon?  There are witches in the air, friends.  Beware.

First, is there anything to eat from the coven?  If so, let’s hope it isn’t SPOILED.  Next up, it seems a bit odd that the eerie black cat is there at the nursing home every time someone dies.  There is just SOMETHING FAMILIAR about it.  Finally, it’s off to THE WARLOCK’S GARDEN we go.  Don’t you just love the smell of wolfs bane in the spring?

That’s all we have room for in the cauldron, my friends.  Come back again next time for a spell, won’t you?