May is all but wrapped up, my friends.  Charlie Barker is ready to send it out in style.  He does so via three terrifyingly true tales.

Have you ever noticed that weird things seem to congregate in the same spot.  A young college student on break finds this out when she misses her bus and discovers SOMETHING IN THE WATER.  Next, it’s off to explore the unconquered jungles of Columbia where strange animals (and plants) abound.  Just be leery of THE DEATH FRUIT.  And last up is the tale of a cursed artist who takes that curse to the next level in THE DROSTE EFFECT.

Do you have a tale that is stranger than fiction?  Is it beyond belief, yet totally true and terrifying?  Could you relate a harrowing haunting horror you’ve had?  Leave it in the comments below.  Charlie Barker is always interested in kindred (if not kindled) spirits.  Maybe Old Char will even read it aloud in a future podcast.  You never know.  Stranger things have happened.


Welcome back to the Circus of the Unknown.  The sideshow awaits, hosted by the amicable (but not inflammable) Charlie Barker.  Three more sojourns into the superstition are on the agenda for today.

This time around, we see what happens when intent goes by the wayside due to fate’s favor.  Fishing on a frozen lake alone in the storm?  What could go wrong?  Find out in ICE FISHING.  A woman falls in love with a photograph with unforeseen consequences in A THOUSAND WORDS.  Also, twin girls are left with their AUNT BECKY as their parents plan to work out some issues.

The circus is out of town until next week.  Join us then next Tuesday for three more journeys through insanity, terror, and the unexpected.  Bring a friend.  There’s always room for one more.