states of fear


We’re heading out to the wild west in our States of Fear subseries as part of the sideshow, folks.  But not the old west, but the contemporary western states of Idaho, Arizona, and even sunny California.  Charlie will be your tour guide to the bizarre and unfathomable.

First off is a totally true tale of an unclassifiable monster thus far eluding scientific explanation.  It’s the THE ELUSIVE SHUNKA WARAK’IN and it’s got teeth and claws.  Scary.  Next, it’s a tale of real treasure in the desert called CURSE OF THE LOST DUTCHMAN.  People are dying to find the gold…literally.  Hollywood has been the draw for many a rising star, and a few who fell just shy of that.  Or plummeted off the Hollywood sign and then is trapped to haunt the hills as is PEG’S PROBLEM.  

It’s time to head back to the sideshow next time, folks.  Or a slightly science-fiction themed sideshow, anyway.  Bring your temporal devices and meet back here at the time we talked about tomorrow.


Breadbasket or head basket, whichever applies here.  The heartland of the U.S. in the heart of the midwest are the region of fright tonight.  Charlie barker makes three stops in the area.

First, it’s a tale straight out of Illinois with the true story of RESURRECTION MARY.  She’s the highway ghost with the most..sightings.  Second, We head to St. Louis, Missouri, to visit a haunted estate in THE MISERY OF LEMP MANSION.  It’s got a doosie of a curse on it, folks.  Finally, we head to Iowa with the legend of THE BLACK ANGEL OF OAKLAND CEMETERY.  It’s another haunted cursed cemetery sure to please.

Charlie may be a bit weary of travels, but he is never too fatigued to open up the flaps of the sideshow.  Come back next time for another show from the Circus of the Unknown.


Hey, I’m so glad you’re back.  So nice of you to come “hang” with Charlie.  There is always a spare noose or two strung along somewhere.

Hanging from the sideshow today are three tales where those involved figure out that they have been given just enough rope to hang themselves.  But will they figure it out in time or will that judgment be “suspended”.  First up, it’s an out of this world tale set amongst the stars.  More accurately, in the asteroid belt on VIRGIL’S ROCK.  Secondly, we’re off to Minneapolis, Minnesota as part of the “States of Fear”.  THE SOAP FACTORY promises to send shivers down your spine.  Lastly, it’s time to find out just how we fix the potholes on the way to damnation in PAVED WITH GOOD INTENTIONS.  

Come back next time as we hit a trio of tales on the road.  Yes, our “States of Fear” subseries dominates the sideshow.  Pack lightly.  It’s a one-way trip!


The Sideshow of the Surreal has been turned into a petting zoo today, ladies and gentlemen.  There are all sorts of strange creatures in the menagerie.  Keep your fingers away from the cages.  These things bite.

First, it’s a true story from Wyoming as part of the “States of Fear” called THE SAN PEDRO MOUNTAIN MUMMY.  He (it?) is a cute little bugger, ain’t he (IT?!).  Next, it’s the tale of an abandoned warehouse that provides shelter to squatters as well as the thing that feeds on them.  Never wear the CROWN OF THE RAT KING if you can avoid it.  Thirdly, it’s a conundrum of a man who goes out of his way to please his party guests in HOW ARE YOU GOING TO TOP LAST YEAR?  Maybe he should have limited the guest list to humans.

Now, leave the cage closed and make your way out of the sideshow.  The animals need their sleep, too.  Come back next time for more creatures out of nightmare.