All the news that’s fit to print is just perfect to line birdcages and wrap fish.  Charlie Barker takes aim at the press today in the trilogy of terror known as CreepyGram and the Mourning Show.  The media takes center stage in the Circus of the Unknown.

The first tale of the printed perverse is about THE LAST PIECE OF JUNK MAIL EVER.  You would think that the apocalypse would have stopped the purveyance of particularization.  Secondly, it’s GOLDEN YELLOW JOURNALISM about a personalized digital assistant relating the daily events in the not-too-distant-future.  Then, THE TATTLER is a gossip tabloid in a university with some morbid headlines.  Let’s hope there’s no cutting class.

The Sideshow of the Surreal will be back next time.  Until then, enjoy a good newspaper.  They are perfect for making pirate hats or paper boats.  You can even carve pumpkins on them really well.  Just don’t read too much into them.