Society has placed parameters in which citizens may operate freely.  When deviation occurs outside of those guardrails, the offender needs to be corrected, contained, or executed if, that is, they are caught.  Charlie Barker examines this aspect of the human condition in his Sideshow of the Surreal today.

First, a hopeful gang pledge has one last obstacle before he can call himself a member.  It’s time for his INITIATION.  Next, it’s a horrendous case of mistaken identity in EL TEMIDO.  Finally, every prison has to have a place to exercise in an effort to keep the inmates complacent.  However, sometimes THE YARD becomes just another war zone.

Come again next time the flaps open.  You don’t want to leave ole Char without an audience, now, would you? That would be downright criminal.


The supernatural surrounds us, though some can’t see it.  Allow Charlie Barker to take off your blindfold.  There is a lot to behold.

In our totally true trilogy of terror today, we have a little tale known as BOARD STIFFS.  This is about a group of gamers who are visited by a stranger wanting to join in the fun.  Second on the docket, it’s time to USE YOUR CRANIUM.  This tale is about a campus legend that needs to be put to the test – no matter the consequence.  The last horror story is about a night shift chambermaid who has to face THE TURN INN TERROR.  That haunted men’s restroom is just murder to clean.

Like ghostly vapors, the circus once again returns to the mist.  Fear not, faithful patrons.  It will be back soon for another sojourn into the surreal and spooky.


Today’s tales, as the kids would say, are killer.  More precisely, they are about killers.  Murder most foul.

The first story is about an annual party where a juicy murder might be the fly in the ointment that could ruin a good time.  Best KEEP IT ON ICE until afterwards.  Nobody wants to be a killjoy.  Next, we learn of THE LEGEND OF GORY GARY AND SCORCHED SARAH.  It’s all in good taste, I assure you.  Or, rather, it all tastes good? Lastly, we pay a visit to THE FINGER TREE.  Just think of it like a Christmas tree for a serial killer. Serial killers?  Anyway, you get the point.  Point?  Fingers?  Nevermind.

This time around, we took a break from the supernatural.  The circus will return next week with a trio of more stories.  These are of the supernatural variety.  Pop by, won’t you?  You have a standing invitation to the sideshow.


Some of the less scrupulous characters take the stage today.  Char relates three tales where the actions taken are somewhat questionable in nature.  These aren’t role models, kids.

Another “State of Fear” is the first story today, returning to the theme of one local myth or legend from each of the United States of America.  This one from Pennsylvania.  LOW TIDE AT MONUMENT CEMETERY shows us how old abandoned cemeteries may sometimes come back to haunt those who forget.  In NEON MOON, a lovelorn patron of a run-down saloon pines over what may have been, never knowing the object of his affection is less than six feet away.  Well, six feet under, anyway.  Finally, LOU CARLCOLH relates the first hand experience of a monstrous French legend.  One that craves human flesh.

The winds have changed.  For now.  Come back when they are right again.  The circus will return then.