The pages of storybook are opened in the sideshow today.  Charlie barker has some frightful fantasies to read you, straight from the realms of alternate reality so you know they are absolutely true.

What does every good following of Hansel and Gretel do when travelling through the deep, dark woods?  Why, they leave BREADCRUMBS, of course.  But where does that trail lead?  It just may be that you get lost anyway.  Such is the case when DEATH STOPS FOR DIRECTIONS.  Finally, it’s time for proper grooming.  Even monsters need to look their best.  It’s a good thing THE BARBERSHOP FROM HELL caters to their needs.

The storybook eventually closes for us all, my friends.  Yet the circus remains.  Come back again.  Charlie Barker will be waiting for you.


They say a strong constitution can withstand even the most trying of situations.  What happens when the trial befalls those with, shall we say, less stoic fiber?  The Sides of the Surreal demonstrates just three such examples today.

Newlyweds find their way to an abandoned mansion to escape a tumultuous downpour.  Will they fall to pieces during A BRIEF REPRIEVE FROM THE STORM.  During the old west, a minor has to face off against murderous claim jumpers threatening to steal THE YELLOW VEIN.  This talking toy is all the rage for the upcoming holiday season.  But what happens when CRYBABY LEWIS decides to listen?

Now, collect yourself.  It’s not all that bad, is it?  Pull yourself together.  Go home and relax, but remember the Circus of the Unknown awaits.


Thanksgiving is here at the Sideshow of the Surreal, my friends.  Charlie has put out the fine China and set the table in fashion with the season.  Come, dine…

The first course is an examination of one’s status in I’M NOT SUPPOSED TO BE HERE.  Then, shopping is upon us once again with THE BLACKEST FRIDAY.  Then, it’s a creepy old house that’s just come on the market in UNREAL ESTATE.

Loosen the belt and sit back.  Things only go downhill from here.  It’s just a slippery slope until the end of the year is upon us.  Don’t worry, though, Charlie plans on keeping the sideshow open during the holidays.


There are some guests are the sideshow today, folks.  Charlie has them parading by you for disapproval.  Just don’t get too ancy.  You’ll get your turn to see them all.

First up is the origin of the witch, right down to the pointy hat.  Where did they come from?  Don’t worry, we have WHAT ALES YOU.  Did you know that the headless horseman comes from a long line of headless riders?  You meet another in THE DULLAHAN COMETH.  Then, it’s off to the mall for a monstrous good time in A PROPER FOUNDATION.

Next time, it’s back on the road as Charlie takes you through some more States of Fear.  Buckle in then, won’t you?