It’s only fair, ladies and gentlemen.  The ladies had their day.  Now, the boys get a turn in the trio of totally true terror tales.  Time to get a little rough and tumble.  The boys are back in town.  The sideshow is filled with them today.  We did have to separate the men from the boys, though.  The shocker was that the boys won!

First, a HAPPY BOY with a ubiquitous smile has a devil of a time getting his mother’s attention.  Almost nothing works.  Almost.  Next, wait until your father gets home and there will be hell to pay.  But where does fault lie when you place BLAME IN A BOTTLE.  Lastly, we meet THE STRANGE KID.  He’s a little weird, but probably harmless.  Best not turn your back on him just in case.

Next time in the circus, we turn our gaze to the skies.  No, it’s not little green men.  There are dark storm clouds looming on the horizon.  Fear not, there is shelter of sorts from the storm in the sideshow.  The flap will be open, waiting for you to enter.