horror stories


Time to pack up the camper and break out the sleeping bag and those s’mores.  Charlie Barker will meet you by the campfire.  It’s always like camping when you work and live in a tent.

Set up camp and listen to the terrifying tales that follow.  CreepyGram and the Mourning Show hosts three campsites sure to send chills down your spine.  First, it is the camping trip to end all camping trips in THE SHARPLES GO CAMPING.  Second, it’s fancy camping with all the luxuries.  Throw in a ghost and a monster and you’re ready to go GLAMPING.  Sometimes, camping is just an excuse to go a little wild.  Case in point is the NIGHT HOWL.

Next time, we put away the camping tent and set up the sideshow tent once more.  Come again, won’t you?  Tired of the tent?  Well, while we are out of town, why don’t we take a nice road trip instead?  See you behind the wheel.


This podcast has certainly gone to the dogs.  At least for this episode, anyway.  Three dogs have their day today in the Circus of the Unknown.

Charlie Barker (hey, that would make a good name for a dog) relates three tales of canine creeps.  First is a story of a terrifying black behemoth in BAD DOG!  Sometimes, the paranormal pups can be an ally to something far more sinister.  This is the case in GOOD DOG!  And lastly, have you ever heard of the great dog deity?  Spell it forwards or backwards, it doesn’t matter.  It’s all the same in DOG GOD.

Now, what a great treat this is, isn’t it?  No?  Don’t enjoy canine chaos?  More of a cat person?  Don’t make me get the newspaper.

In any case, I wouldn’t worry much.  Cats will have their day, too.  It’ll be purrfectly awful, I assure you.


This week, Charlie Barker takes the debatable position that CreepyPasta is a relatively new literary form.  Charlie examines three tales in the style of CreepyPasta legends that were plucked right out of the realm of the unknown.  They are, of course, absolutely true – at least in one of the infinite alternate realities.

How do you address a haunted colonial stockade that cannot be destroyed?  Why, you ship it off to the west coast and wish them all the best in BITTER PILLORY TO SWALLOW.  Next, it is a terrifying figure of a different sort.  One hand drawn on concrete.  Too bad the CHALKMAN didn’t stay on the sidewalk where he belonged.  Then, it is the legend of a woman who tragically lost her life (and a little more above the neck) in THE FLOATING HEAD OF LUCY TASH.

Thanks again for your support of the surreal and supernatural.  Your face is always welcome in this establishment.  Your face and any other body parts you wish to contribute.


Society has placed parameters in which citizens may operate freely.  When deviation occurs outside of those guardrails, the offender needs to be corrected, contained, or executed if, that is, they are caught.  Charlie Barker examines this aspect of the human condition in his Sideshow of the Surreal today.

First, a hopeful gang pledge has one last obstacle before he can call himself a member.  It’s time for his INITIATION.  Next, it’s a horrendous case of mistaken identity in EL TEMIDO.  Finally, every prison has to have a place to exercise in an effort to keep the inmates complacent.  However, sometimes THE YARD becomes just another war zone.

Come again next time the flaps open.  You don’t want to leave ole Char without an audience, now, would you? That would be downright criminal.