horror stories


Hello again, consumers of the creepy.  It’s time once again to get in the car and see where the road takes us.  Charlie Barker is at the wheel and he is determined to take us to the “States of Fear” today.

The first place we visit is Vermont to see an old insane asylum.  It’s THE HORRIFIC HISTORY OF BRATTLEBORO RETREAT.  Haunted asylums are so nice this time of year.  Another true tale comes straight out of Portland, Oregon, on the opposite side of the USA.  This coast has the ghost with the most in THE PORTLAND SHANGHAI TUNNELS.  The last destination on the road trip of the horrific is in the midwest.  Ohio, to be exact.  We visit a little berg just fraught with fright in THE HELLTOWN HORRORS.  There are so many legends there for such a small little village.

We’ve made it through more than half way through all the states in the United States of America, ladies and gentlemen.  We still have a long way to go on our “States of Fear” road trip.  If you haven’t visited your favorite state yet, fear not.  It’s on our itinerary!  Come back again!


A father told his young son that he could be anything he wanted in life – the sky was the limit.  The boy replied that he wanted to be an astronaut.  The father scolded the child, stating that he told him specifically that the SKY was the limit.  Today, Charlie takes us past those limits.

We are visited by aliens this week, folks, in a trio of tales that are truly out of this world!  First, what happens when extraterrestrials help a snake oil salesman?  Find out in PANACEA.  Then, the cattle (and ranchers) better beware of THE LITTLE GREY CATTLE RUSTLERS.  The last invasion helped us in BRIDGING THE TECHNOLOGY GAP.  So, why then, are the aliens so cross with humanity?

Science fiction is but another flavor of the bizarre in the Circus of the Unknown.  Charlie Barker will have more such tales in the future.  On Thursday, however, we get a little more down to earth.  Or, more appropriately, a little more unearthed.  Join us then, won’t you?


What dark gods await appeasement through blood sacrifices, ladies and gentlemen?  Charlie Barker knows a few.  He’ll tell you all about three of them today.

When a betrothed couple have a picnic, they will wish they never stumbled across THE CLEARING IN THE WOODS.  Then, it’s off to Billings, Montana, as part of our “States of Fear” road trip.  Here, you will hear the real life account of the sacrifice made by the Apsáalooke tribe (also known as the Crow Native Americans).  It’s time for a BIG LEAP INTO BIG SKY.  Then, we try to make out what is going on BY THE LIGHT OF THE HONEY MOON.  It’s a bed and breakfast situated in a cozy little spot just this side of hell.

The sideshow has hit capacity, my friends.  This is not a bad thing.  It just means that we have to turn patrons away until next time.  Please, come back again.  It’s no sacrifice to do so.


There is a fascination with serial killers and murders in general, ladies and gentlemen.  These are just as much of an oddity in the sideshow as a two-headed calf or the fire-eater.  Charlie Barker will pull back the tent flaps so you can observe the freak of nature known as the homicidal maniac.

The first psycho on the list for today is the tenant in the DUPLEX.  He’s been renting both places out for years and the landlords just found out why.  There is also an AVID LISTENER, who loves a late night radio show.  Perhaps love isn’t the right word.  Last up, it’s KILLING TIME where a woman awaiting a train departure decides to kill a little time.  Let’s hope it’s just time, anyway.

Didn’t get enough death and destruction, folks?  There’s more, but we couldn’t fit it all into this show.  Come back on Thursday for more murder and mayhem.