Sometimes, the whisper in the night is not your conscience but a malevolent force.  The sound pierces the otherwise quiet night, urging you to do things…well, out of character.  Here are some of those voices.

First, a man runs a dial in horror show that is actually a cover for the mob in DIAL-A-FRIGHT.  Then, that incessant piano practicing down the hall is at it again in RECITAL PRACTICE.  Didn’t that girl die last week?  CALL CONTROL keeps the malevolence in good form for the final voice of unreason.

As the year winds to a close, ladies and gentlemen, the circus is not quite done.  Almost, but not quite.  Join Charlie Barker again as he has a couple more tickets left in the Sideshow of the Surreal.


Who wants to hear a ghost story?  How about three of them.  Charlie has a score of haunted tales of spectral surprises for you in the sideshow.

First one is the Colorado legend of THE GHOST OF JOGGER HILL.  It’s sure to give you a fright.  Second is the story of an ambitious news reporter who discovers the crash victims she is covering haven’t quite passed on in SEMI-LIVE COVERAGE.  What happens when you are killed and the authorities can’t pin it on the proper killer?  West Virginia has an absolutely true tale of THE GHOST WHO SOLVED HER OWN MURDER.

Now, hush.  Don’t make such a fuss.  If they hear you, you don’t have a ghost of a chance.


They say a strong constitution can withstand even the most trying of situations.  What happens when the trial befalls those with, shall we say, less stoic fiber?  The Sides of the Surreal demonstrates just three such examples today.

Newlyweds find their way to an abandoned mansion to escape a tumultuous downpour.  Will they fall to pieces during A BRIEF REPRIEVE FROM THE STORM.  During the old west, a minor has to face off against murderous claim jumpers threatening to steal THE YELLOW VEIN.  This talking toy is all the rage for the upcoming holiday season.  But what happens when CRYBABY LEWIS decides to listen?

Now, collect yourself.  It’s not all that bad, is it?  Pull yourself together.  Go home and relax, but remember the Circus of the Unknown awaits.


The ground is a little shaky, my friends.  It must be the rumbling of a topheavy building built on crumbling footings.  The foundation is highly suspect.

Today, Charlie takes us through three tales that aren’t entirely stable.  First, an honorable man will stop at nothing to keep his shop presentable in a crime-ridden community.  Not even death with stop THE PRIDE OF APPLBAUM.  CASTLE NIKOLAI was an evil, formidable presence that continue to oppress even after the walls were torn down as a quarry.  Finally, a haunted restroom threatens to re-ignite the Revolutionary War in HIT THE WALL.

The floor is giving way and the pit beneath threatens to consume all who plummet into the lightless depths.  If you can find your way out, come back to the sideshow again.  If not, then enjoy the darkness.