ghost stories


The good thing about circuses is that they are mobile.  Tents are easy to move.  Be it by plane, train, or automobile.  And that is just what we plan to do today, my friends!

Travel by plane is good if you can get THE LAST FLIGHT OUT.  Maybe a trail would be better.  That is if you DON’T GET OFF TRACK.  Sad thing is, the freeway isn’t any better!  There seems to be an accident up ahead.  The RUBBERNECKER in all of us makes the slowdown unbearable.

I suppose travel isn’t always easy, is it?  Maybe we’ll just leave the circus here after all.  Charlie Barker will see you next time in his Sideshow of the Surreal.


Sometimes, the enemy of your enemy is your greatest ally.  Today, in the Circus of the Unknown, Charlie Barker explores that concept.  So, bring your enemy’s enemy and come to the sideshow.

First, it’s the tale of a husband and wife and that all-too-familiar rattle of the door late at night.  Find out what happens when THERE’S SOMEONE IN THE HOUSE.  Next, cattle ranchers in the midst of a range war face a common enemy – one that is eating their cows.  It’s bound to cause a CONFLICT AT BADGER FLATS.  Next, it’s off to the Russian city of Pryachetsya where a series of mysterious deaths have occurred.  Local legends of the region may have an answer, but it will require the Russian State Security Committee to suspend their disbelief in the supernatural. Find out about the MATRYOSHKA (Russian nesting dolls in English).

The trouble with have an enemy as an ally is that once the common threat is eliminated, things tend to go south from there.  I’m sure you’re fine, though.  If you are still around next time the Circus is open, please feel free to visit the Sideshow.


It’s our usual three ring circus within a circus this time, folks.  A trio of terrifying performances sure to set hair on end, eyes bulge, and make your teeth itch.  Furthermore, these acts are sure to give you the spooks.

The first haunt is about a doo-wop group from the 50s who play a killer gig.  Or rather, the killer gig plays them?  In any case, please welcome THE MAGNIFICENT TAILFINS.  Our next venue is in New York, New York as part of our “States of Fear” sub-series.  Please put your hands together for THE LONESOME GHOSTS OF CENTRAL PARK.  Then, we head south a bit for the next act.  Kentucky, to be exact, for THE HAUNTING OF HAPPY HOLLOW.  And believe Char when he tells you that’s it’s a  tough act to follow.

As always, we appreciate your patronage at the sideshow of the surreal.  If the ghosts haven’t spooked you enough, there’s always next time.  Come back again, won’t you?


The haunted circus has returned.  The sideshow has opened its flaps to the public.  Charlie Barker is calling for patrons of the perverse to attend his cavalcade of creeps.  Come in, come in.

Speaking of haunted, how about some tales along that theme?  Our first frightening fable is called THE HAUNTED PILLAR.  This is the real life story of, well, a haunted pillar.  This is one of our “States of Fear” as we visit Georgia and a former slave whipping post that still holds many a ghost.  Then, it’s off to THE HAUNTING OF AISLE 13, where it isn’t just the prices that are scary.  Have you ever lied awake in bed, not asleep but unable to move?  Has anything come to visit you when that happened, creeping out of shadow?  That’s just what happens in SLEEP PARALYSIS.

As the smoke plumes in the distance, the show comes to an end.  The circus has gone dark; the sideshow is closed.  But please, return again for more tales of the macabre and mysterious.