ghost stories


Ho ho hold on there.  You don’t think ole Charlie Barker would let you get by without a little Christmas cheer, did you?  It’s very festive at the sideshow today.  It’s time for a trio of holiday treats.

What could be a better present that getting THE FAMILY PORTRAIT.  Too bad the canvas shows something terrible instead.  It’s also time to set up that CHRISTMAS VILLAGE.  All those miniatures sure look real, don’t they?  Then, nothing says the holidays like an old hag with a broomstick.  WE WITCH YOU A MERRY CHRISTMAS has just the thing for your seasonal delight.

There’s just one left, ladies and gents.  Come back for the end of the year closeout special at the Sideshow of the Surreal.  Until then, Merry Christmas!


Who wants to hear a ghost story?  How about three of them.  Charlie has a score of haunted tales of spectral surprises for you in the sideshow.

First one is the Colorado legend of THE GHOST OF JOGGER HILL.  It’s sure to give you a fright.  Second is the story of an ambitious news reporter who discovers the crash victims she is covering haven’t quite passed on in SEMI-LIVE COVERAGE.  What happens when you are killed and the authorities can’t pin it on the proper killer?  West Virginia has an absolutely true tale of THE GHOST WHO SOLVED HER OWN MURDER.

Now, hush.  Don’t make such a fuss.  If they hear you, you don’t have a ghost of a chance.


The good thing about circuses is that they are mobile.  Tents are easy to move.  Be it by plane, train, or automobile.  And that is just what we plan to do today, my friends!

Travel by plane is good if you can get THE LAST FLIGHT OUT.  Maybe a trail would be better.  That is if you DON’T GET OFF TRACK.  Sad thing is, the freeway isn’t any better!  There seems to be an accident up ahead.  The RUBBERNECKER in all of us makes the slowdown unbearable.

I suppose travel isn’t always easy, is it?  Maybe we’ll just leave the circus here after all.  Charlie Barker will see you next time in his Sideshow of the Surreal.


Sometimes, the enemy of your enemy is your greatest ally.  Today, in the Circus of the Unknown, Charlie Barker explores that concept.  So, bring your enemy’s enemy and come to the sideshow.

First, it’s the tale of a husband and wife and that all-too-familiar rattle of the door late at night.  Find out what happens when THERE’S SOMEONE IN THE HOUSE.  Next, cattle ranchers in the midst of a range war face a common enemy – one that is eating their cows.  It’s bound to cause a CONFLICT AT BADGER FLATS.  Next, it’s off to the Russian city of Pryachetsya where a series of mysterious deaths have occurred.  Local legends of the region may have an answer, but it will require the Russian State Security Committee to suspend their disbelief in the supernatural. Find out about the MATRYOSHKA (Russian nesting dolls in English).

The trouble with have an enemy as an ally is that once the common threat is eliminated, things tend to go south from there.  I’m sure you’re fine, though.  If you are still around next time the Circus is open, please feel free to visit the Sideshow.