They tried to tell ole Charlie, but he didn’t listen.  Now, he is paying the price.  You just can’t feed every stray that wanders into the sideshow.  Not only do they come back, but they bring their friends.  Now, the Sideshow of the Surreal is overrun with cats!

And that little one is absolutely charming?  I love its large, blue single eye in the middle of its head.  Who couldn’t love THE CYCLOPS KITTEN?  Then, make sure you give a wide berth to THE CAT IN THE ROAD.  It looks like it has a secret.  A deadly one.  And then, it may be time for a WELL CHECK to be certain the hoarding of all these cats doesn’t adversely impact the quality of life (or death) of the caretaker.

How do you get rid of a thousand cats?  Cat-a-pult?  You’ve got to be kitten me!