The ground is a little shaky, my friends.  It must be the rumbling of a topheavy building built on crumbling footings.  The foundation is highly suspect.

Today, Charlie takes us through three tales that aren’t entirely stable.  First, an honorable man will stop at nothing to keep his shop presentable in a crime-ridden community.  Not even death with stop THE PRIDE OF APPLBAUM.  CASTLE NIKOLAI was an evil, formidable presence that continue to oppress even after the walls were torn down as a quarry.  Finally, a haunted restroom threatens to re-ignite the Revolutionary War in HIT THE WALL.

The floor is giving way and the pit beneath threatens to consume all who plummet into the lightless depths.  If you can find your way out, come back to the sideshow again.  If not, then enjoy the darkness.


Did you hear that cackle?  Did you see that silhouette fly by the full moon?  There are witches in the air, friends.  Beware.

First, is there anything to eat from the coven?  If so, let’s hope it isn’t SPOILED.  Next up, it seems a bit odd that the eerie black cat is there at the nursing home every time someone dies.  There is just SOMETHING FAMILIAR about it.  Finally, it’s off to THE WARLOCK’S GARDEN we go.  Don’t you just love the smell of wolfs bane in the spring?

That’s all we have room for in the cauldron, my friends.  Come back again next time for a spell, won’t you?


The circus is back and awaiting your patronage.  Don’t let ole Char down, now.  He is dying to tell you three more frightful flash fiction pieces.  Well, perhaps dying isn’t the right word.  He’s already done that.

This time, the sideshow offers you a sample of Satanic stories.  In A DATE WITH THE DEVIL, a young woman conjures up the devil himself.  Another lesson from Lucifer occurs when a Colonial village tries to capture the evil one in THE DUE OWED OLE SLEW FOOT.  Finally, we go all the way to Mississippi for the real life legend of ROBERT JOHNSON’S BARTER.  It’s a tale where a young untalented man found fame and misfortune by selling his soul to the devil.  This is another “State of Fear” in our series within a series.

We hope you didn’t go to blazes, despite the theme of today’s shows.  Charlie Barker couldn’t have that.  How would you come back next month?