baba yaga


Sometimes, the enemy of your enemy is your greatest ally.  Today, in the Circus of the Unknown, Charlie Barker explores that concept.  So, bring your enemy’s enemy and come to the sideshow.

First, it’s the tale of a husband and wife and that all-too-familiar rattle of the door late at night.  Find out what happens when THERE’S SOMEONE IN THE HOUSE.  Next, cattle ranchers in the midst of a range war face a common enemy – one that is eating their cows.  It’s bound to cause a CONFLICT AT BADGER FLATS.  Next, it’s off to the Russian city of Pryachetsya where a series of mysterious deaths have occurred.  Local legends of the region may have an answer, but it will require the Russian State Security Committee to suspend their disbelief in the supernatural. Find out about the MATRYOSHKA (Russian nesting dolls in English).

The trouble with have an enemy as an ally is that once the common threat is eliminated, things tend to go south from there.  I’m sure you’re fine, though.  If you are still around next time the Circus is open, please feel free to visit the Sideshow.