A father told his young son that he could be anything he wanted in life – the sky was the limit.  The boy replied that he wanted to be an astronaut.  The father scolded the child, stating that he told him specifically that the SKY was the limit.  Today, Charlie takes us past those limits.

We are visited by aliens this week, folks, in a trio of tales that are truly out of this world!  First, what happens when extraterrestrials help a snake oil salesman?  Find out in PANACEA.  Then, the cattle (and ranchers) better beware of THE LITTLE GREY CATTLE RUSTLERS.  The last invasion helped us in BRIDGING THE TECHNOLOGY GAP.  So, why then, are the aliens so cross with humanity?

Science fiction is but another flavor of the bizarre in the Circus of the Unknown.  Charlie Barker will have more such tales in the future.  On Thursday, however, we get a little more down to earth.  Or, more appropriately, a little more unearthed.  Join us then, won’t you?