What happened to old Char was tragic, wasn’t it?  Getting all burned up to a crispy skeleton.  Then, to have to work in the very sideshow that he lost his life relating tales of the surreal and supernatural for always and forever.  Hardly seems fair.  Charlie Barker ain’t one to complain, though.  Truth is, he just ain’t got the guts.

This time around, it’s three tales of tragic consequence in the sideshow.  First, it’s the story of an innocent little girl and her harpy of a mother in WHAT A LITTLE DOLL.  The second sad story is THE TRAGIC TALE OF THE WATER BABIES’ REVENGE.  This is the real-life account from our “States of Fear” sub-series.  Nevada is the locale and this one is tragic.  Thirdly, when something bad happens you can be sure IT’LL COME BACK TO HAUNT YOU.  Tread lightly, my friends.

This makes it up to the halfway point.  July starts next time and it is all downhill for the rest of the year.  Join us then, won’t you?

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