Last week, Charlie talked about graves and grave matters.  This is all fine and good, but there is a prerequisite to being buried in the final resting place.  You have to be dead. This episode is all about those cadaverous corpses.  Charlie puts the toe tag on three tales in the morgue of the macabre.

The first corpse on the slab is about a real life dumping ground for murder victims.  It’s THE UNMARKED GRAVEYARD.  Just hope you aren’t interned there.  Next, a philanthropist BENEFACTOR has bequeathed his fortune to charity after his death.  But what if there isn’t any body to take care of it.  Then, it’s off to military training where real corpses are used to test ballistic impacts on people.  The ghoulish aftermath is JUST LIKE IN THE MOVIES.

Aspiration is a wonderful trait, but it can lead to disappointment.  Fear not, though.  The one stage we can all reach is death.  It’s the only race that we want to come in last, though.

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