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There are some guests are the sideshow today, folks.  Charlie has them parading by you for disapproval.  Just don’t get too ancy.  You’ll get your turn to see them all.

First up is the origin of the witch, right down to the pointy hat.  Where did they come from?  Don’t worry, we have WHAT ALES YOU.  Did you know that the headless horseman comes from a long line of headless riders?  You meet another in THE DULLAHAN COMETH.  Then, it’s off to the mall for a monstrous good time in A PROPER FOUNDATION.

Next time, it’s back on the road as Charlie takes you through some more States of Fear.  Buckle in then, won’t you?


It’s time for a little Southern Discomfort down at the ole Circus today, y’all.  The Sideshow of the Surreal has some Southern delights for you.  Charlie is serving up deep-fried terror today!

Down in Alabama, they have this haunt that’ll hex you for sure.  Her name is HUGGIN’ MOLLY and she even has a local restaurant named after her.  Next on our tour of the southern states is Arkansas.  It’s getting too dark to see, so it’s a good thing there is THE GURDON GHOST LIGHT up ahead. Phew!  Something stinks.  Could it be Florida’s version of Bigfoot called THE SKUNK APE?  Don’t touch that thing!  You don’t know where it has been.

That is all from the States of Fear this time.  Don’t worry, there will be more locales on the road trip another day.


Charlie Barker trades in his straw hat for a soldier’s helmet today for the Sideshow of the Surreal.  Lines are draw and the battlefront is all around.  Keep your head down it you may be shot at!

In a dystopian conflict in the all too familiar not too distant future, it really stinks to be BEHIND ENEMY LINES.  What is even more tragic is THE HOPELESS WAR.  But there is always R&R if you can get leave.  Spend it at THE TAVERN AT FOREVER’S EDGE.  The bartender is out of this world.

Three tales from the south take over the Circus of the Unknown next time.  Join us then and until then, keep your head down.


We’re heading out to the wild west in our States of Fear subseries as part of the sideshow, folks.  But not the old west, but the contemporary western states of Idaho, Arizona, and even sunny California.  Charlie will be your tour guide to the bizarre and unfathomable.

First off is a totally true tale of an unclassifiable monster thus far eluding scientific explanation.  It’s the THE ELUSIVE SHUNKA WARAK’IN and it’s got teeth and claws.  Scary.  Next, it’s a tale of real treasure in the desert called CURSE OF THE LOST DUTCHMAN.  People are dying to find the gold…literally.  Hollywood has been the draw for many a rising star, and a few who fell just shy of that.  Or plummeted off the Hollywood sign and then is trapped to haunt the hills as is PEG’S PROBLEM.  

It’s time to head back to the sideshow next time, folks.  Or a slightly science-fiction themed sideshow, anyway.  Bring your temporal devices and meet back here at the time we talked about tomorrow.