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What’s up, Doc?  Today on the CreepyGram and the Mourning Show, Charlie Barker looks at the medical profession.  That, and the victims, er patients, therein.

In the trio of terror, the first patient is something perhaps a little too inhuman for the good doctor.  Well, that’s not true.  It is a lot too inhuman for the doctor as he looks into THE MEASURE OF A MONSTER.  Secondly, the waiting room holds yet another patient.  This time, it is human…but there is something internal that just shouldn’t be there in THE ORGAN.  Finally, we have a simple OUTPATIENT procedure in the all too near macabre future.

Now, stick out your tongue and say “ahhh”.  That’s good.  I do think those are going to have to come out.  Hey, where are you going?  Well, come back for another check-up, won’t you.  It won’t hurt.  Much.


Welcome to the sweet shop at the sideshow.  Tasty treats for you to eat.  We certainly hope you brought your appetite.

Charlie Barker has three delectable morsels for you today.  First, is the fateful tale of the YELLOW CAR.  Next, do you ever wonder what might happen if someone steals your name?  Find out in IDENTITY THEFT.  And, it is just about time for the SPRING THAW.  Sometimes, the creatures that prowl are right under your nose.

Revenge is awfully sweet.  It might just be too much to handle.  Try and cleanse your palate now and come back for more when you are hungry again.


Old Charlie Barker wanted to invite you into the sideshow tent this time again, but someone has sewn shut the flap.  It seems there is trickery in the air.  Must be the season.

We have to follow MONTWEAZEL’S JOURNEY TO PAPER TOWN to find out where to go from there.  If that didn’t help, we must figure out THE MYSTERY OF THE MONKEY CANDLE STICK HOLDER.  Failing that, just realize that it is APRIL FOOL’S and give up.  It’s all some kind of joke, isn’t it?

Sorry about all the funny business.  Next time, things will be different.  After all, we wouldn’t want to lose our favorite patron of the putrid and perverse.  Then, the joke would truly be on us.


Did you hear that cackle?  Did you see that silhouette fly by the full moon?  There are witches in the air, friends.  Beware.

First, is there anything to eat from the coven?  If so, let’s hope it isn’t SPOILED.  Next up, it seems a bit odd that the eerie black cat is there at the nursing home every time someone dies.  There is just SOMETHING FAMILIAR about it.  Finally, it’s off to THE WARLOCK’S GARDEN we go.  Don’t you just love the smell of wolfs bane in the spring?

That’s all we have room for in the cauldron, my friends.  Come back again next time for a spell, won’t you?