There are legends born of adversity, ladies and gentlemen.  Out of fearful accounts and tearful remembrance.  Legends are seldom given rise through triumph.

Three such tales are presented today, two of which are under the “States of Fear” sub-series of stories.  The first story, however, is a horror story set amongst the seas.  Or at least, a village on the port of a tumultuous ocean.  It’s called ANY PORT IN A STORM.  Next, we visit Rising Sun in Maryland.  Here, we learn of the hideous legend of the WRATH OF THE PIG WOMAN.  Finally, we set foot on the path of an infamous real-life witch where we ask the question WHERE DID YOU BURY ME?  Hampton, New Hampshire is the locale for this legend.

That about does it for February, friends.  Come back early next month for three more terrifying tales.  The circus will be open.

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