This podcast has certainly gone to the dogs.  At least for this episode, anyway.  Three dogs have their day today in the Circus of the Unknown.

Charlie Barker (hey, that would make a good name for a dog) relates three tales of canine creeps.  First is a story of a terrifying black behemoth in BAD DOG!  Sometimes, the paranormal pups can be an ally to something far more sinister.  This is the case in GOOD DOG!  And lastly, have you ever heard of the great dog deity?  Spell it forwards or backwards, it doesn’t matter.  It’s all the same in DOG GOD.

Now, what a great treat this is, isn’t it?  No?  Don’t enjoy canine chaos?  More of a cat person?  Don’t make me get the newspaper.

In any case, I wouldn’t worry much.  Cats will have their day, too.  It’ll be purrfectly awful, I assure you.

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