The circus is back in town.  Why don’t you visit the sideshow?  Charlie Barker is there, waiting for you.  Well, at least his ghost is.

In the midst of winter, Char has brought with him three strange tales poured craftily and carefully over ice.  In the first tale, a young babysitter notices tell tale signs of an intruder outside her window in the fresh fallen snow in FOOTPRINTS. Secondly, a man has a car accident during a blizzard fights to find help in DEAD LINE.  In the last short story, SNOW ANGEL, a pair of boys lost in the mountains must find shelter or die of the freezing elements.

Join us next Tuesday for another installment of the CreepyGram and the Mourning Show.  There are more wintery tales of fright just waiting to be told.  Come into the sideshow tent and get out of the cold.

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