There’s trickery and Tom-Foolery and other shenanigans in the sideshow today.  Tricks abound, but listen – take heed and don’t fall for it.  Charlie will try and steer you clear of such nonsense by way of tales of warning.  Three paths to avoid, if you will.

The first tale is about a guy who keeps scratching his head and is sure he has been through all this before.  It’s a strange tale of how SYSTEM CONSTRAINTS shaped his reality.  Then, we drive over to White Bluff, Tennessee, for a look at a local legend in our “States of Fear” sub-series.  Close your ears, though, or you might hear THE WHITE SCREAMER OF TENNESSEE.  Lastly, it’s the futuristic tale of what happens when the time changes and we FALL BACK out of Daylight Saving.

Now that we’ve made it all the way to Tennessee in our States of Fear, it’s time to get back in the car and head west for next time.  See you then.

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