The sideshow has been infested this week.  Charlie Barker doesn’t believe in fumigation.  Perhaps if he gets a little more buggy, he might.

Until then, he has three tales of scurrying terror to related.  First, a couple has a PRESSING ENGAGEMENT in the woods.  The six-legged kind.  Secondly, have your stomach ever has that ALL AFLUTTER feeling?  Regardless of what they tell you, it ain’t butterflies.  And the third buggy tale is called FULL DISCLOSURE.  It’s about a man with a problem.  One that builds webs large enough to capture a small child.

It seems like we might get Old Char to call the exterminators after all.  A few of those critters went through his eye sockets and are nesting in his skull.  That’s gotta itch like crazy.  Come back next time, ladies and gentlemen.  The sideshow tent should be aired out by then.

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