CreepyGram and the Mourning Show


Charlie plays art connoisseur today.  His gallery consists of three paintings of the weird and unusual.  What is most bizarre is that these are actually famous paintings with their stories from an alternate reality behind them.

Edvard Munch’s THE SCREAM is first of the tour of the terrible.  At last, the reason behind the torment is explained in this story.  CHRISTINA’S WORLD, by Andrew Wyeth is the next painting in the gallery of the ghoulish.  Just what horrors await in the distant farmhouse?  Christina will soon find out.  The last artistic expression is by the famous surrealist Salvador Dali.  It’s that persnickety PERSISTENCE OF MEMORY that will haunt us all.

Next time, Charlie looks to the stars again.  It’s a trio of tales that is certainly out of this world!  See you then.


Breadbasket or head basket, whichever applies here.  The heartland of the U.S. in the heart of the midwest are the region of fright tonight.  Charlie barker makes three stops in the area.

First, it’s a tale straight out of Illinois with the true story of RESURRECTION MARY.  She’s the highway ghost with the most..sightings.  Second, We head to St. Louis, Missouri, to visit a haunted estate in THE MISERY OF LEMP MANSION.  It’s got a doosie of a curse on it, folks.  Finally, we head to Iowa with the legend of THE BLACK ANGEL OF OAKLAND CEMETERY.  It’s another haunted cursed cemetery sure to please.

Charlie may be a bit weary of travels, but he is never too fatigued to open up the flaps of the sideshow.  Come back next time for another show from the Circus of the Unknown.


Hey, I’m so glad you’re back.  So nice of you to come “hang” with Charlie.  There is always a spare noose or two strung along somewhere.

Hanging from the sideshow today are three tales where those involved figure out that they have been given just enough rope to hang themselves.  But will they figure it out in time or will that judgment be “suspended”.  First up, it’s an out of this world tale set amongst the stars.  More accurately, in the asteroid belt on VIRGIL’S ROCK.  Secondly, we’re off to Minneapolis, Minnesota as part of the “States of Fear”.  THE SOAP FACTORY promises to send shivers down your spine.  Lastly, it’s time to find out just how we fix the potholes on the way to damnation in PAVED WITH GOOD INTENTIONS.  

Come back next time as we hit a trio of tales on the road.  Yes, our “States of Fear” subseries dominates the sideshow.  Pack lightly.  It’s a one-way trip!


Are you one of those people that is always too hot or too cold?  Charlie Barker is that way, but you know it may be because he is nothing but bones.  Today, Charlie takes the circus to extreme temperatures on the opposite ends of the spectrum.

First, we take a trip up north as part of our “States of Fear” sub-series.  Alaska, this time.  Conspiracy theorists unite as we start PLAYING THE HAARP.  Then, continuing waaaaay south on our road trip, we head to Hawaii where we are warned DON’T TAKE PORK ACROSS THE PALI.  Then, we visit the origin of a popular urban legend.  The absolutely true story that we will get to the bottom of COME HELL OR HIGH WATER.  It’s a frigid fare guaranteed to astonish or at least baffle.

And now, it’s time for Charlie to take shelter from the temperature extremes.  Something neutral for a while.  You know, just like the inside of a tauntaun.  Luke warm.  Until next time…