CreepyGram and the Mourning Show


They say a strong constitution can withstand even the most trying of situations.  What happens when the trial befalls those with, shall we say, less stoic fiber?  The Sides of the Surreal demonstrates just three such examples today.

Newlyweds find their way to an abandoned mansion to escape a tumultuous downpour.  Will they fall to pieces during A BRIEF REPRIEVE FROM THE STORM.  During the old west, a minor has to face off against murderous claim jumpers threatening to steal THE YELLOW VEIN.  This talking toy is all the rage for the upcoming holiday season.  But what happens when CRYBABY LEWIS decides to listen?

Now, collect yourself.  It’s not all that bad, is it?  Pull yourself together.  Go home and relax, but remember the Circus of the Unknown awaits.


The ground is a little shaky, my friends.  It must be the rumbling of a topheavy building built on crumbling footings.  The foundation is highly suspect.

Today, Charlie takes us through three tales that aren’t entirely stable.  First, an honorable man will stop at nothing to keep his shop presentable in a crime-ridden community.  Not even death with stop THE PRIDE OF APPLBAUM.  CASTLE NIKOLAI was an evil, formidable presence that continue to oppress even after the walls were torn down as a quarry.  Finally, a haunted restroom threatens to re-ignite the Revolutionary War in HIT THE WALL.

The floor is giving way and the pit beneath threatens to consume all who plummet into the lightless depths.  If you can find your way out, come back to the sideshow again.  If not, then enjoy the darkness.


Thanksgiving is here at the Sideshow of the Surreal, my friends.  Charlie has put out the fine China and set the table in fashion with the season.  Come, dine…

The first course is an examination of one’s status in I’M NOT SUPPOSED TO BE HERE.  Then, shopping is upon us once again with THE BLACKEST FRIDAY.  Then, it’s a creepy old house that’s just come on the market in UNREAL ESTATE.

Loosen the belt and sit back.  Things only go downhill from here.  It’s just a slippery slope until the end of the year is upon us.  Don’t worry, though, Charlie plans on keeping the sideshow open during the holidays.


Last time in our States of Fear, we visited some southern states.  This time, we head due north towards the Great Lakes.  There are some stops that are simply killer.

Detroit is home to one of the most terrifying mysteries ever.  It’s the tragic tale of THE ST. AUBIN’S MASSACRE.  Wisconsin is next with THE ANTIQUE MANTLE CLOCK.  Then, it’s over to visit JENNY GREENTEETH OF LAKE ERIE.  She’s a beauty.

It’s getting close to that time of year when we give thanks for our blessings, my friends.  Next time in the Circus of the Unknown, we will do just that.  Charlie will set a place for you at the table.  Don’t be late.