CreepyGram and the Mourning Show


The circus is back and awaiting your patronage.  Don’t let ole Char down, now.  He is dying to tell you three more frightful flash fiction pieces.  Well, perhaps dying isn’t the right word.  He’s already done that.

This time, the sideshow offers you a sample of Satanic stories.  In A DATE WITH THE DEVIL, a young woman conjures up the devil himself.  Another lesson from Lucifer occurs when a Colonial village tries to capture the evil one in THE DUE OWED OLE SLEW FOOT.  Finally, we go all the way to Mississippi for the real life legend of ROBERT JOHNSON’S BARTER.  It’s a tale where a young untalented man found fame and misfortune by selling his soul to the devil.  This is another “State of Fear” in our series within a series.

We hope you didn’t go to blazes, despite the theme of today’s shows.  Charlie Barker couldn’t have that.  How would you come back next month?


Sometimes, things go from bad to worse.  Such is the case today in our voyage of the vanguard.  Charlie Barker knows this all too well.  Allow him to tell you three examples.

The first horror story is called SPARE CHANGE.  It is about a disgruntled candy store clerk who gets a very special customer just after closing time.  The LAW OF SALVAGE applied when a ship and diving crew try to exploit sunken treasure.  Lastly, it is another “State of Fear” legend, which is our ongoing tales from each state in the good ole USA.  This one takes place off the coast of Rhode Island aboard a haunted sea vessel in HELL FIRE OF THE PALATINE.

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water, or the candy store, these tales will warn otherwise.  Next Thursday the journey begins anew with three more short stories sure to send shivers down your spine.  Now, who could resist that offer?


Some of the less scrupulous characters take the stage today.  Char relates three tales where the actions taken are somewhat questionable in nature.  These aren’t role models, kids.

Another “State of Fear” is the first story today, returning to the theme of one local myth or legend from each of the United States of America.  This one from Pennsylvania.  LOW TIDE AT MONUMENT CEMETERY shows us how old abandoned cemeteries may sometimes come back to haunt those who forget.  In NEON MOON, a lovelorn patron of a run-down saloon pines over what may have been, never knowing the object of his affection is less than six feet away.  Well, six feet under, anyway.  Finally, LOU CARLCOLH relates the first hand experience of a monstrous French legend.  One that craves human flesh.

The winds have changed.  For now.  Come back when they are right again.  The circus will return then.



Char is sure glad you returned to his sideshow of the surreal.  This time around, we are giving you fair warning in three fables plucked from the bowels of alternate reality.  Tales that will give you an example of what not to do.

Another “State of Fear” is first on the list.  We visit South Carolina today as we warn you DON’T LET THE BOO HAG RIDE YA.  Then it’s an out of this world tale that tells us not to attempt to deny fate in JONAH’S LAMENT.  Lastly, two young children discover that THINGS WOULD BE DIFFERENT once they figure out just what happened to them.

Thursday awaits when the circus returns.  Charlie Barker will be touting his usual fare.  Make sure you’re there.