CreepyGram and the Mourning Show


The blustery wind and frigid temperatures aren’t likely to go away anytime soon.  There is warmth in the fiery tent of the sideshow, however.  Charlie Barker is there with some tales to warm your bones, as well.

Of the tales to be told fireside today, Char throws out one about the SELBYVILLE SWAMP MONSTER.  This is part of the “States of Fear” collection, featuring a local legend from every state in the American nation, starting out that journey in Delaware.  The next story is about three young boys about to discover the horror that awaits them outside in the snow in SNOW JOB.  The final tale this time around is about a couple of men trying to hunt a werewolf in A LONG NIGHT’S WAIT.

Please return again on Thursday.  At that point, the circus will be back in town.  Charlie Barker would love to host you for more frightening fables.


The circus is back in town.  Why don’t you visit the sideshow?  Charlie Barker is there, waiting for you.  Well, at least his ghost is.

In the midst of winter, Char has brought with him three strange tales poured craftily and carefully over ice.  In the first tale, a young babysitter notices tell tale signs of an intruder outside her window in the fresh fallen snow in FOOTPRINTS. Secondly, a man has a car accident during a blizzard fights to find help in DEAD LINE.  In the last short story, SNOW ANGEL, a pair of boys lost in the mountains must find shelter or die of the freezing elements.

Join us next Tuesday for another installment of the CreepyGram and the Mourning Show.  There are more wintery tales of fright just waiting to be told.  Come into the sideshow tent and get out of the cold.


It’s a new year, fraught with possibilities.  And Charlie Barker is here to take you through a few of them in the Circus of the Unknown.  Don’t let the fact that he died in a tent fire a few years back dissuade you.  He’s nothing if not dedicated to his craft!  As long as you get out of the fiery tent before the flaps close, you should be fine.

Good Ole Char has three stories known as CreepyGrams to give you today.  First, something topical this time of year.  A girl plans to stick to her New Year’s resolution no matter what odds may be against her in RESOLUTION.  Next up, a poor lowly old soul decides to end it all by plummeting off of a bridge and finds that it may just be haunted in THE SUICIDE BRIDGE.  Lastly, a despicable tax collector discovers he may have cheated the wrong person in DON’T WINE ABOUT IT.

On Thursday the 4th, Char will be back to delve into three more possibilities from the odyssey of the odd.  Please come back and enjoy three more short horror stories featuring the terrifying, otherworldly, frightening, and otherwise weird tales of the bizarre and paranormal.  Make it a habit, won’t you?