Ghost Writer


Did you hear that cackle?  Did you see that silhouette fly by the full moon?  There are witches in the air, friends.  Beware.

First, is there anything to eat from the coven?  If so, let’s hope it isn’t SPOILED.  Next up, it seems a bit odd that the eerie black cat is there at the nursing home every time someone dies.  There is just SOMETHING FAMILIAR about it.  Finally, it’s off to THE WARLOCK’S GARDEN we go.  Don’t you just love the smell of wolfs bane in the spring?

That’s all we have room for in the cauldron, my friends.  Come back again next time for a spell, won’t you?


The infamous urban legend makes a stop at the sideshow for today.  Three absolutely true tales, as first related by a friend of a friend.  Stop and see if you’ve heard of these.

The first one is a classic about a man in a hotel room where SOMETHING STINKS.  That can’t be good.  The second legend is about what happens when you join THE ONE DOLLAR HORROR CLUB.  That can’t be good.  Finally, we give a listen to THE CURSED AUDIO CASSETTE.  That can’t be good.

There are more where those came from, but only during hours of operation.  Until then, the sideshow is closed.  Come back for more on Thursday.


It’s our usual three ring circus within a circus this time, folks.  A trio of terrifying performances sure to set hair on end, eyes bulge, and make your teeth itch.  Furthermore, these acts are sure to give you the spooks.

The first haunt is about a doo-wop group from the 50s who play a killer gig.  Or rather, the killer gig plays them?  In any case, please welcome THE MAGNIFICENT TAILFINS.  Our next venue is in New York, New York as part of our “States of Fear” sub-series.  Please put your hands together for THE LONESOME GHOSTS OF CENTRAL PARK.  Then, we head south a bit for the next act.  Kentucky, to be exact, for THE HAUNTING OF HAPPY HOLLOW.  And believe Char when he tells you that’s it’s a  tough act to follow.

As always, we appreciate your patronage at the sideshow of the surreal.  If the ghosts haven’t spooked you enough, there’s always next time.  Come back again, won’t you?


This one is all about the monsters, ladies and gentlemen.  The sideshow is filled with them.  Let Charlie Barker tell you about a trio, if you will.

The appetizer on the monstrous menu for today is a little fishy.  JENNY HANIVER is a tale about the decor for a “man cave” gone hideously wrong.  Our next meal has a little bite to it…FROST BITE, that is.  It’s about first responders who find someone, or something, frozen in the snow.  For the dessert course, it’s off to the LAIR OF THE MANDRAKE for a sweet little something.  Just where have some of the youth of the neighborhood gone off to, anyway?

We certainly understand if you can’t devour it all.  After all, it is a lot to swallow.  Just be aware that any leftovers may scurry away to come back again later.  They may just have you on the menu.