Ghost Writer


More macabre monsters of myth grace the sideshow today.  Charlie Barker will show you them in detail.  Or, perhaps more aptly, he will show the monsters you.

First, we meet the real-life New Jersey Devil as part of our sub-series, “States of Fear”.  THE MONSTER OF THE PINE BARRENS awaits.  Next, it’s the tale of an evil genie in DJINN RUMMY.  Finally, it’s a story that may be dragon at the start, but picks up at the end in FINISH THE STORY, GRANDPA.  It’s a scaly tail, er scary tale, to be sure.

There are always more monsters awaiting you at the sideshow.  Please come back and witness the spectacle again.


The only reprieve the prisoners faced from the enveloping silence were the sand storms or snowfall as carried on those same Delta winds, though they must have been somewhat angrier in that time. As we walked along, each lost in our own thoughts, we dwelled on the past. The ghosts were strong here. The horrific history of the internment camp haunts the place.


Can you trust your eyes?  Have they ever lied to you?  Be honest.

Yet, Charlie Barker shows us when our eyes can behold something horrific yet perhaps not entirely what it seems to be.  First up, a lonely trucker’s wife watches her husband’s long haul on the TRAFFIC CAM.  Trouble is, what is that in the path of his truck?  Next, it’s a VIEW FROM THE TREE FORT as some local kids discover what really has been happening to their neighbors.  Last up, it’s DRAGON BREATH about a boy convinced that a man-eating dragon is just waiting until his father leaves for work before feasting on him.

Just what happens when one witnesses madness?  Is it contagious?  Come back next time and maybe you’ll see things clearly.


What’s up, Doc?  Today on the CreepyGram and the Mourning Show, Charlie Barker looks at the medical profession.  That, and the victims, er patients, therein.

In the trio of terror, the first patient is something perhaps a little too inhuman for the good doctor.  Well, that’s not true.  It is a lot too inhuman for the doctor as he looks into THE MEASURE OF A MONSTER.  Secondly, the waiting room holds yet another patient.  This time, it is human…but there is something internal that just shouldn’t be there in THE ORGAN.  Finally, we have a simple OUTPATIENT procedure in the all too near macabre future.

Now, stick out your tongue and say “ahhh”.  That’s good.  I do think those are going to have to come out.  Hey, where are you going?  Well, come back for another check-up, won’t you.  It won’t hurt.  Much.