Brian James Lane

The Ghost Writer, AKA Brian James Lane, has written many short stories and novels as well as screenplays and stage plays.  The Ghost Writer enjoys the horrific, hilarious, and the bizarre.  With an emphasis on mirth and the macabre, here are what readers and critics have said about Brian James Lane’s work:

“…some of the best horror shorts I’ve ever read, anywhere, by anybody, of period. Brian is destined to become known as an author who belongs in the same horror circles as King, Koontz, Lovecraft, Hitchcock, Poe, and others of their ilk.”

…natural for those who want old fashioned scary stories for Halloween, around the campfire or fireplace, or just a fun read…”


“It felt like Halloween reading these stories. All scary and chilling. A great read.”

“…imaginative, surprising, and always left you with a good case of the creeps…”

“…The endings are all surprises, and there are no ‘happy’ endings here. I love the macabre sense of writing this author has…”

“…fun and spooky and the kind of book I would choose to read on a dark stormy Halloween night…”

“…Original stories with fun twists…”

“…a mixture of nostalgic horror regulars (vampires, zombies, witches, etc) with surprising new elements and twists…”

“…remind me of Twilight Zone episodes (or perhaps Tales from the Crypt might be a better comparison). They vary from genre, but still stay within the lines of macabre…”

Brian lives with his wife and three children in Salt Lake City, Utah. They have a dog and fish and something that stalks the gardens under the deck feeding on barbecue scraps.  Correspondence, complaints and otherwise can be sent to