Day: October 11, 2018


Hey, I’m so glad you’re back.  So nice of you to come “hang” with Charlie.  There is always a spare noose or two strung along somewhere.

Hanging from the sideshow today are three tales where those involved figure out that they have been given just enough rope to hang themselves.  But will they figure it out in time or will that judgment be “suspended”.  First up, it’s an out of this world tale set amongst the stars.  More accurately, in the asteroid belt on VIRGIL’S ROCK.  Secondly, we’re off to Minneapolis, Minnesota as part of the “States of Fear”.  THE SOAP FACTORY promises to send shivers down your spine.  Lastly, it’s time to find out just how we fix the potholes on the way to damnation in PAVED WITH GOOD INTENTIONS.  

Come back next time as we hit a trio of tales on the road.  Yes, our “States of Fear” subseries dominates the sideshow.  Pack lightly.  It’s a one-way trip!