Month: October 2018


The autumn moon lights the sky, casting shadows over the circus.  Ghosts, ghouls, monsters, and spooks of all sorts and sizes gather for the season.  It’s the Halloween exhibit at the Sideshow of the Surreal.

Charlie Barker tells the tale of the silent watcher in the cornfields.  It’s the tale of PATIENT VICTOR.  Next, it is a story set in a school house.  It’s an innocuous little activity perfect for the season.  Grab your knife for THE PUMPKIN CARVING CONTEST.  Then, it’s a little Halloween rhyme that’s overdue for a sequel.  It’s the less-than-harmless outcome of FIVE SPOOKY SKELETONS or WHAT EVER HAPPENED TO THE FIVE LITTLE PUMPKINS?  

The chill of fall hangs in the air past October, my friends.  Return to the Circus of the Unknown where Charlie will tell tales of the season.


It would be as plain as the nose on Charlie’s face, if he had one still.  The destination is the flatlands of America.  The plains states on our tour of the good ole U.S.A.

Nebraska is the first stop on our Sub-series in the States of Fear.  Here we visit HATCHET HOUSE where the name speaks for itself.  Secondly, We drive on to Kansas where we experience THE HAUNTING OF FORT LEAVENWORTH.  Then, it’s south to Texas where we encounter THE BLACK-EYED CHILDREN OF ABILENE.  Relax.  I’m sure they’re harmless.

Next up at the circus is a very-special episode.  It’s near Halloween, folks.  It’s about time Charlie Barker scared the pants off of you.  Come back, if you dare.


It’s science fiction in the Sideshow of the Surreal today.  Charlie Barker has three tales from beyond tomorrow.  Strap on your jetpack and try to keep up.

What is up with such A DYSPHORIC DESTINY, anyway?  Seems like surviving the apocalypse would be a good thing, right?  Then, it’s a strategic invasion right out of the pages of Ed Wood when aliens use the dead to try and take over the world in SCRATCH AND DENT.  Then, it’s off to a distant galaxy where we can all be WORKING ON MY TAN.  

Next time, we’re earthbound once again.  In fact, we’re hitting the road with Charlie behind the wheel for more stories from the States of Fear sub-series.


Charlie plays art connoisseur today.  His gallery consists of three paintings of the weird and unusual.  What is most bizarre is that these are actually famous paintings with their stories from an alternate reality behind them.

Edvard Munch’s THE SCREAM is first of the tour of the terrible.  At last, the reason behind the torment is explained in this story.  CHRISTINA’S WORLD, by Andrew Wyeth is the next painting in the gallery of the ghoulish.  Just what horrors await in the distant farmhouse?  Christina will soon find out.  The last artistic expression is by the famous surrealist Salvador Dali.  It’s that persnickety PERSISTENCE OF MEMORY that will haunt us all.

Next time, Charlie looks to the stars again.  It’s a trio of tales that is certainly out of this world!  See you then.