Day: August 2, 2018


Charlie Barker takes you through a regression of sorts in the sideshow today.  Well, at the very least, a nostalgic look at the toddler years.  There are nursery rhymes to be told, come in, come in!

You know that rhyme about the worms devouring your corpse after death?  Ahh, what child doesn’t hear that poem and smile.  Well, it has a couple more stanzas that help keep you out of harm’s way in the cemetery.  Listen to HOLD YOUR BREATH and follow along.  Second, it’s the tale of a doll with a special tune to help you head off to dreamland.  It’s THE SLEEPYTIME SONG.  Then, it’s a classic nursery rhyme that had its time.  But now, it’s time to resurrect that old diddy in ONE IS FOR SORROW.

It’s nice to feel like a kid again, ain’t it?  Next week we grow up a bit and strap on the ole feedback for some more tasty treats.  Come back and Charlie Barker will give you something to chew on.