Month: June 2018


What happened to old Char was tragic, wasn’t it?  Getting all burned up to a crispy skeleton.  Then, to have to work in the very sideshow that he lost his life relating tales of the surreal and supernatural for always and forever.  Hardly seems fair.  Charlie Barker ain’t one to complain, though.  Truth is, he just ain’t got the guts.

This time around, it’s three tales of tragic consequence in the sideshow.  First, it’s the story of an innocent little girl and her harpy of a mother in WHAT A LITTLE DOLL.  The second sad story is THE TRAGIC TALE OF THE WATER BABIES’ REVENGE.  This is the real-life account from our “States of Fear” sub-series.  Nevada is the locale and this one is tragic.  Thirdly, when something bad happens you can be sure IT’LL COME BACK TO HAUNT YOU.  Tread lightly, my friends.

This makes it up to the halfway point.  July starts next time and it is all downhill for the rest of the year.  Join us then, won’t you?


The sideshow has been infested this week.  Charlie Barker doesn’t believe in fumigation.  Perhaps if he gets a little more buggy, he might.

Until then, he has three tales of scurrying terror to related.  First, a couple has a PRESSING ENGAGEMENT in the woods.  The six-legged kind.  Secondly, have your stomach ever has that ALL AFLUTTER feeling?  Regardless of what they tell you, it ain’t butterflies.  And the third buggy tale is called FULL DISCLOSURE.  It’s about a man with a problem.  One that builds webs large enough to capture a small child.

It seems like we might get Old Char to call the exterminators after all.  A few of those critters went through his eye sockets and are nesting in his skull.  That’s gotta itch like crazy.  Come back next time, ladies and gentlemen.  The sideshow tent should be aired out by then.


The sideshow has all sorts of wonders.  Charlie Barker can only related but a few.  This time around, he proposes the possibility that dinosaurs and people were not separated by millions of years of evolution as most commonly thought.  Three tales of reptilian threat are just within the tent.  Grab your coffee at the concession stand and head in for some Jurassic Perk.

The first leathery, cold-blooded tale is OF LIZARD GODS AND MEN.  This is the Aboriginal tale of giant carnivorous lizards known as Adnoartina.  Secondly, it is a more well-known dinosaur tale about an amphibious reptile we all know and love.  It’s THE LOCH NESS BLUNDER.  With a title like that, it can’t possibly have a positive ending.  Next, what do you get when you cross a couple of rednecks with a fifteen thousand pound dinosaur in the woods?  Find out in ANKLE SORE US.

Next time, it’s out of the land of the lost and back to the realm of the unreal.  Away from the terrible lizards and back to the terrifying tales ready and waiting for you in the sideshow when the Circus of the Unknown is open for business yet again.  Charlie will be waiting for your return.  Don’t disappoint him.


The unexpected is often unexplainable.  This week, Charlie Barker takes on three such tales.  Tales that can only be described as supernatural in origin.

First, it’s off to Italy where a man is inadvertently caught up in a funeral procession during THE WEE MOURNING HOURS.  Secondly, a new father comes home to hear something other than his new child through the BABY MONITOR.  The last tale of the unusual is on a Native American reservation.  Those kooky old skinwalkers are at it again in SHAPESHIFTER.

By comparison, the supernatural shows us the borders of the natural.  It is only by crossing that threshold that we can witness mortality and beyond.  Come back to the sideshow again to see where those lines are drawn.