Ladies and Gentlemen, the Circus of the Unknown is on the horizon. The billowing smoke from the engine can be seen from this distance. The flat ground before you will soon be broken by tents and carts and stakes and rope. The circus is on the horizon.

Though the circus has yet to open, the air is ripe with possibility. There is electric excitement, charging the atmosphere enough to stand hair on end. You can feel the change that’s coming.

There will be a time we may not remember the calm before the proverbial storm. Once the Ferris wheel is turning and the cotton candy is spinning, it may be difficult to believe that there was a time before the circus was here. This is the nature of the beast. To live in the moment and lose track of all else.

All too soon, the circus will pull up stakes and head off into the mountainous pass beyond. That is also not a thought that comes to mind when the fun is in full gear. To contemplate the end.

Friday the 13th is a good day. A lucky day. Don’t let anyone else tell you otherwise.

It is a day to look ahead to the things coming. A time to know that it is all still ahead of us. Hold your breath. It will be here soon now.

And the sideshow will be there, too.

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